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The Glasco Family - The Wichita Years (8mm)

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The Glasco Family - The Wichita Years (8mm)

Publication date 1958-1961
Language English
Life in the 50's with the Glasco Family.

One of the fun things to do back in the 8mm days was to get the family together and watch your Home Movies. One of the un-fun things to do was watch someone else's....

Note: The white cap I am wearing was because of ringworm of the scalp. Back then they put white adhesive tape on my head and ripped all my hair out by the roots. And yes, it did hurt very, very much. This process was repeated several times.

August 2015 --
Much to my surprise clips have now been used in over 20 film projects that I know about. Most of the projects have been Music Videos.
Even more surprised is the fact that There has been a song composed by Alana Yorke in Canada titled: The Wichita Years. The song has now been used in the TV Series "Rookie Blue". PBS-TV in Wichita found the song and wondered why someone from Canada would write a song about Wichita. They then learned that the song was inspired by my film. PBS contacted me and are making arrangements to come to Tulsa and interview me (and Alana by Skype.) for a story on PBS.
UPDATE: Here is the PBS interview on Youtube:

When I posted this family film I figured only my family and future family would be interested in viewing it. I guess I was wrong. Thank you to everyone that has taken the time to use it in your Project.

January 2012 --

This film has been used in 4 music videos all from Europe. All four video's are on Youtube. The song are: Hello Sunshine by Kagoshima Bay; Outside by David Boyes; Starlight Starlight by Exlovers; Fireworks Over Chicago by The Junkyards.
Contact Information Alan Glasco alanoftulsa(at)


Reviewer: alanoftulsa - - October 20, 2012
Subject: alanoftulsa comments:
Hi Beth, I really did like the song & video. I like the mellowness of the music, good job. Again nice video.. Alan Glasco
Thank You Beth for the kind words and I will be looking foward to seeing your work.

I have now been contacted by Director/Writer/Poet Juan Diego Escobar in Colombia and he will be using footage for full feature "Live Life Dearest". I have even been listed on the Internet Movie Data Base by him as a Producer of the film. His movie is about a guy that only exist in a womans dream. The movie will be released in 2014. He has released a sample of the movie and it can be found on my youtube site.

Thanks, Beth

Thank you mkat72, My mother was born in Coffeyville and it was home to my great-grandmother. We made many trips there. The film does bring back good memories. Sometimes I watch other 8mm films from others that have uploaded them and it is like watching my own. Times were really good back then as a kid.


Hi Juan. Sounds like a fun project. Use away and let me know when you are done I would like to see your work. Clips have been used for advertising and music video's but I don't know of anyone that has used them the way you are planning. Good Luck, Alan P.S. I guess I can add Producer to my resume now. :)


I received an email from a Group in Italy that used footage from the Glasco 8mm film in a music video. The song used is Fireworks over Chicago, by The Junkyards. (use Youtube search to find)
Fabrizio Coppola is in the group and this album is in english. Fab has several cd's released in Italian. Song:
I remember Christmas very well. I think the fact that you watch the films over and over when you are growing up helps to keep the memories intact.

I guess there was nothing else to do when you had ringworm of the scalp. I remember that the hair had to be removed with the roots. It really did hurt and I remember crying as my mom would rip off the strips of tape. As she did it she would cry too because she knew that it must really hurt. Thanks for taking time to review the film... Alan
Reviewer: FilthySweetNothing - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - October 18, 2012
Subject: Alison Kemp - Regardless
Hi, just to let you know the music video is now live - you can see it at:

The song is called Regardless by Alison Kemp.

I wanted to include credit to the Glasco family... but the producer seems to have cut that out! I might have a word, I'm sorry!

Best wishes from the UK xxx
Reviewer: mkat72 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - August 21, 2012
Subject: Brings back my own memories
Lots of kids, dogs, a pony, weekends at Grand Lake--I lived about 200 miles SE of you, but it was almost like looking at my own family back then. Barbies and Chatty Cathys for Christmas--no boys' toys until 1963 when our baby brother was born. I even have a sister named Nancy! You got more snow and we went to Coffeyville to visit the grandparents instead of going to Severy.

BTW, your mother was lovely!
Reviewer: juandiegoescobaralzate - - March 1, 2012
Subject: Hey
Hello there Alan I want to use this video for a series of short films I am making. The film I am planning to make is made out of peoples memories and home videos. What I would do is just resignify them. So I would have you on the credits as producer, since everyone that has donated their films is in that section. Is it OK with you?
Reviewer: rasputin2 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - August 25, 2009
Subject: Hello Alan..
These are really lovely. A real slice of Americana.

How much of these Christmases do you and your siblings remember... you look to be about six years old in the first video... Didn't a doctor or pharmacist have a ringworm cure in those days?
Reviewer: film8 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 6, 2009
Subject: The good old days
What a gem! It's Dick and Jane's family come to life...
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